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Last Update: June 21, 2003

mitzi_witch's Used Books is back from the long winter break!
Check out my new inventory by clicking the links below!

My name is Mitzi and I sell used books online through,
and also directly through this site using PayPal.
I have designed this site to showcase all of the titles I currently have available.

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Keep reading below to find out more about my books and how to order.
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To place an order you must have an account. It is free to sign up,
and gives you access to all that Amazon has to offer.

Once you have a user name, you can then follow the links from this site to my
listing pages on Amazon. In the upper right corner is a button that says
"Buy Now From Seller." Click there and follow the steps to place your order.

Once I have received confirmation from Amazon, I will email you and let you know
when I will be shipping your book. I will do my best to mail your package within one business day
of when I receive your order. All packages are sent via United States Postal Service at the
Media Mail rate. (Sorry, I am currently not shipping outside of the United States.)

If you do order from me, I would love for you to leave feedback about our transaction
on the Amazon website. My seller name is mitzi_witch. You can do this by clicking the
"My Account" link at the top of Amazon's main page, and viewing your purchase.

Amazon charges an automatic Shipping charge of $3.49 per book.


To place an order you must have a PayPal account. It is free to sign up. You can sign up either
before you begin your transaction, or as part of the transaction process.

When you click the Buy Now button you will be taken through the PayPal ordering process.
Once you have placed your order, click Continue and you will be taken back to this website.

PayPal will email me letting me know that your order is confirmed and I will ship out your book
in the same way as listed above.

I charge a Shipping charge of $2.00 per book.


Most of my books are in new, like-new, or very good condition.
I try to be as concise and accurate on the description of the book as I can
both here on this site and in the small space allotted to me to do so on Amazon's site.

Anything is possible! If I have enough books of a certain type I will place them all
in a category. If not, they will be listed under the Misc. category.
If there is something specific that you are looking for, or a genre that you would
like to see more of, please email me at and let me know.
I will do my best to offer the kinds of books you have requested in the future.


Choose a category below to start shopping!


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